I fell madly and completely in love with Lucy Francis, the first time I saw her. Turns out… it wasn’t even near “completely”. I have spent the last forty four years discovering new reasons to love her and enjoying and accepting the love she feels for me. Our philosophy is simple. We live each, day trying to “out nice each other”

Everyone enters into marriage with the belief that it really will be “till death us do part”. It is certain that we all believe the burning passion will not diminish due to; job demands, diaper changing, old age or changes in appearance. Wonderful it would be… if the dedication we all feel for our spouse’s was as strong as that portrayed in the well known movie, starring James Garner. “The Notebook”. For many love remains as strong and ardent as ever. For others- not so much. I wish to demonstrate, through my blog, that the most certain way to assure the success of the marital union, is to strive to achieve a well-balanced life for each partner.

My “Well Balanced Wheel” will only remain so if all five of the spokes are equal in importance and priority. Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Social and last but not least – Financial. Too much focus on any of these integral parts will cause the symbiosis to collapse….. I submit it may be time to “Rotate and Balance” your lives…

Lucy and I will be postings frequently about; our current life situation, recollections from our past and expectations for our future. Some posts will be informative, others purely recreational – we love to laugh at ourselves and encourage you to do the same. We have four daughters who have made the trip with us and added greatly to its enjoyment. In a few situations- its challenges. We expect them to be frequent “Stars” on Five Spoke Wheel.

We welcome questions and comments on anything that interests you. YES anything…

Cheers, David