When I was growing up I apparently had quite a “Sweet Tooth”. No matter how much I begged for a candy bar, or a second piece of cake, my mom would say “No. You have had enough sweets.”  I would reply, “You’re MEAN mommy.” then I would stick out my lower lip and pout.

My mom would say “David it is time for bed. Come in and get your PJ’s on and brush your teeth” . “No mommy. I want to stay out here and play some more.” I would beg. “It’s too late. You need your rest. You have school tomorrow.” She would reply. “You’re MEAN mommy.” I would yell as I slowly walked in the door.

“Son, wake up and get dressed. You’ll be late for Sunday School.”, I would whine from my bunk bed.”No mommy. I don’t want to go.”  “You know we go to Sunday School every Sunday. Now get up.” She would reply. “You’re MEAN Mommy.”

“David, finish your turnips. They are good for you.” “Boo Hoo” I would often burst into tears, over a particular vegetable I just “Couldn’t stand”. “You are not going to leave the table until you finish your vegetables.” Of course my answer was, “You’re MEAN mommy.” as I reluctantly ate the last few bites.

So many, many, times I yelled at my mom for being MEAN. It was years later when I heard myself saying the same things to our daughters and hearing the same response “You’re MEAN daddy.”

I am so very thankful that I had a mom who was mean enough to teach me about; good health, proper nutrition, “tough love” and to love our Lord.

I love this photo of my mother being “Mean” to our daughter – her granddaughter- Aimee. All of our daughters always loved going to visit Grandma. It must have been because she was so “Mean” to them. Our mom left this world after living the most amazing 103 years I can imagine. I never met a single person, who after meeting my mom and getting to know her, did not love her and respect her. She was a loving, caring mother whose teachings have been a huge part of my forty four happy years of family life..

How many of you have a MEAN mommy?.