The Voyageur saga continues…

I got safely back to O.O.C. and breathed a sigh of relief. Still knew I had a lot of work to do to put our ‘Trek in shape, but unaware of the real problems that would be revealed.

Lucy couldn’t wait to give her a bath. We had fun washing off the “Trail Dust”. Once we finished the “spit and polish” she shined like a new dime. While I finished the outside work; tires, wheels and chrome polish, Lucy grabbed her basket of cleaning stuff and started on the interior.

She fell in love with the roomy interior and remarked that she could live in the Roadtrek with no problems. It was a hot day and as you recall the air conditioner did not work. We decided to resume our interior clean-up and outfit the interior for camping, in the much cooler morning hours…

Out with the old…

The time had come to replace the old Fedders AC. First task was to find an air-conditioner with the correct dimensions to fit the existing space… I found a remote controlled “LG” unit that was just the right size and it was Energy Star Compliant

Getting the old unit out was a chore. I wound up having to use a 2X4 up against a tree to assist. I had Lucy hold the 2X4 between the tree and the rear of the air conditioner, through the hole where I had removed the rear AC vent. Just backed up a little toward the Oak tree and the unit finally slid out.

When I removed the old unit I found extensive rust damage in the AC area. The condensate had actually caused two holes through the sheet-metal of the compartment. I sanded it all down to bare metal and coated the affected area with “Ospho” rust inhibitor. It was allowed to dry overnight. Next morning I applied fiberglass resin to the entire interior of the AC compartment and used two layer of glass cloth to reinforce and close the holes. Another overnight curing time and I was ready to install the new “LG”. I fashioned new Oak trim pieces to cover the opening left by the slightly smaller new AC. Once I was done she fit like a glove…

Next day we left for our first real RV camping trip. We headed to Peace River Campground, happy as clams, still unaware of the real perils that had not been revealed. Another project complete but oh brother, we had no idea what was in store for Voyageur.

Peace River Campground – Hunkered In

Watch for Part Three: I’ve been framed!

It only gets WORSE.  ;o(

Spokesman Dave