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1960 Land Rover Series and 1976 Boler travel trailer

1960 Land Rover Series and 1976 Boler travel trailer

Meeting “Tinkerbell”…

When I was a young boy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were two of my heroes. (I had a crush on Tink) Of course, at the time, I believed they were quite real. Having met Danielle and Drew my belief was confirmed. They are in fact – very real

Last weekend…

Lucy and I were planning a ten day, tent based trip. We decided to leave “Voyageur” our Roadtrek at O.O.C. and do the trip in one of our Land Rover Discoveries. First thing we did was to call our good friend, Aldous Cosmo Gitles and ask him to join us. Fact of the matter is, we asked him to pick the location for our rendezvous. “Cosmo”, as his friends call him, was ready willing and able to meet us for another four wheeling off-road adventure. He offered a couple of alternative locations in central Florida and we chose “Holder Mine Campground” in the Withlacoochee Forest…


We began planing, organizing and loading our gear for an exciting adventure with some great old friends. From there, it just got better and better. Cosmo called us back a couple of times and said the group was getting larger. In fact he said we would love the new people that were meeting us and that a couple other members of the Florida Land Rover Club would also be joining us for some trail riding. Fantastic! The more the merrier. For this BLOG I am going to speak about one couple, Drew and Danielle. Lucy and I chose to call this couple “Tinkerbell and Peter Pan”. Their fun BLOG is “The Wild Rovers”


Their kind, loving, spirit was evident from the first moment we met them…

Drew and Danielle were set-up on their campsite when Lucy and I arrived. Everything looked as “neat as a pin”. We were looking forward to meeting them, because we had viewed their blog and immediately felt a kinship with this amazing young couple. So many memories flooded my mind. I immediately thought of my Lucy as a young spouse, complete with honey-sweet voice and gently strumming guitar. Even their smiles radiated the same joyful, unassuming innocence. We as couples were alike in so many ways. I am not going to do a lot of “Splaining” (Ricky Ricardo’s voice) because they have all the details on their blog. What I want to talk about is how impressed I was by their attitude about life. Best part was, it didn’t come from books, seminars, or self-help tapes. They just “Get it”. Having graduated from college with degrees in Journalism (Danielle) and Mechanical Engineering (Drew) they were tired of the day to day constraints of excessive order, disciplined study and schedule driven academic lives. They are not running away from something they are moving closer to something. They both love and miss their homes and family in Nova Scotia. Each of them spoke of the wonderful people, scenery and energy that they left behind in their homeland. Both Drew and Danielle maintain close contact with family and friends while they are on the road. I believe they just want to make sure that what they think – Nova Scotia is the best place to live – is accurate. For the entire time we were sharing the woods with this marvelous couple, I never heard a “discouraging word”. even as they spoke of little setbacks and challenges they had encountered, they were grinning from ear-to-ear as they explained their inventive and sometimes comical solutions. The only sad part for me was the realization that none of our – now all grown up daughters – ever got to enjoy such a freeing adventure…

Saturday, January 12th. Happy Birthday Danielle


As luck would have it, we got to celebrate Danielle’s 23rd birthday with her. She and Drew participated in our first off-road trail ride in their very own “Ole Yeller”. The venerable old Land Rover was shod with standard tread street tires, but managed to handle every obstacle in it’s path with a pronounced British “Stiff upper lip”. Many of the other trucks had oversize, heavily lugged, trail tires and extensive modifications. They put nothing over on the rugged, leaf sprung, Rover. Drew proved he had “Bad Ass” driving skills and Danielle maintained her stately place in the procession, regardless of the severity of the trail. If the happy occupants would have been enjoying ice-cold “GnT’s”, they wouldn’t have sloshed a drop… In celebration her special day, “Kaz”, a member of the Florida Land Rover Club, offered her the pilot-seat in his extreme, off-road monster, a huge Discovery powered by a beefed up V8,  rolling on huge, nobby tires. Never you mind it was her first time running an off-road trail truck. Seeing the tiny blonde lass piloting the massive rig was a joy to behold. They say you “Never forget your first time.” How bout that Danielle?

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these traveling troubadours…


Danielle and Drew share a love for music. They are a wonderfully talented duet carrying a full arsenal of stringed instruments with them, writing new songs en-route. We were gifted a copy of their first album “Honey Hill” by The Harts. D n D co-wrote the excellent songs commemorating their travels and often perform at various open-mikes and other venues along the way. Drew serenaded Daniele with a fine rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” on his newly acquired fiddle.  They voices – like their lives – are in perfect harmony…

“We’ve got all we need for where we’re going.”


The young couple do a wonderful job of living a GIANT life in a diminutive space. Their tiny rolling home, includes everything they need for housekeeping and living comfortably, with nothing added to compromise their enjoyment of whatever space they are in. The skill they exhibit in keeping it all together extends way beyond their time in years. We could all learn a lesson about the joys of living simply. “All we need is love” the Beatles…

Well and truly missed…


You can teach old dogs new tricks. The time Lucy and I spent with Drew and Danielle renewed our faith in the younger generation. They taught us a lot about; humility, love, contentment and the joy of appreciating every moment of life. We will never forget them. So often in the past we have been fortunate to spend time with really incredible people. These two folks will certainly occupy a niche very near the top of the list. If I got to live my life over again, I would hope I to be a lot more like Drew… Happy trails to “The Harts”.

Love to you all,

Spokesman Dave

An Unwritten Law


My Love of Nature

I have spent most of my life in nature. When I was in third grade, my dad bought me aQuarter Horse “cow-pony” fresh off a working, Florida cattle ranch. That beautiful well trained mare, changed my life. I spent all my free time riding in the palmetto and scrub pine tree woods… alone. Sometimes, my explorations lasted an entire day. I often rode back as the sun was setting. Perhaps napping in the saddle as my faithful steed brought me safely home. These solo adventures were the birth place of my respect and love for nature, that continue to this day.


When I married David, he introduced me to tent camping on the numerous Florida rivers. There was divine intervention in our meeting. Three short months after we met, we were married. God must have been in control as our passions were and have been in continuous harmony. The first two years were “Just the Two of Us” and then Charlotte, our first daughter, was born.


The late 60’s, early 70’s began our love for canoe and kayak camping. “Roughing it Smoothly” was our motto and challenge. We were both very competitive. Not as much with each other, but as a team. It seemed the majority of outdoorsmen knew The UNWRITTEN LAW.  Leave No Trace Behind. It was respect for the land and our fellow man. Campsites were cleaned and left in better condition than they were when we arrived. It was an unspoken courtesy to leave a gift of firewood for the next weary camper.

Bless the Beasts and the Children

What brought this subject matter to mind was what my grandson Kaden said to our daughter Alicia. He just became a Wolf Scout. “I would not ever litter to save the environment!” He started to throw a wrapper on the ground; stopped and thought “No!” :0). “No trace left behind,” Alicia smiled as she told me of his conversation!

It made my heart sing to think my teaching is understood and being taught to the next generation through the Boy Scouts of America, “Leave No Trace” program.

I see the banks of the beautiful rivers we paddle; the launch sites, etc., and like the Indian in the commercial, a tear comes to my eye. Trash everywhere.

Then I am bashed with wave action from speeding boat wakes as I relax on shore. I feel a Oneness with the habitat and angered by the annoying disruption. I wonder if the loud, careless boater would feel differently if he was near the shore? Would he have been more cautious if he had been in one of the small boats that he caused to capsize? Would he be more aware of the damage his wake causes to the shoreline, aquatic plants and wading birds? Maybe, just maybe he would feel respect?


Truly, I understand that in most cases it is ignorance. Obliviousness. I ask myself how many times have I done wrong, purely out of ignorance and how ashamed I was after I learned. Proverbs 4; Understanding comes with wisdom. I continue to ask for it, so I can receive understanding and pass it on to the children.

Any ideas of small ways to educate “The Unwritten Law”?

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