Jaymie Kukowski of Internal Medicine Associates is my newest Dietician.

As most of you know I have had Chronic Kidney Disease for the last ten years. Up until a month ago I had received no treatment. My new Nephrologist, Ganesh Shenoy, took immediate action. He immediately set up a consultation with his Renal Dietician, Andrea Olds. I have been following her protocol since May 2, 2912… Wonderful doctor and dietician.

Doctor Shenoy revealed – for the first time – that I am diabetic. Huge shock for me. He called his associate Doctor Victor Luna and arranged an emergency Saturday appointment. I am so blessed to have found these dedicated medical professionals. Definitely an answer to my prayers. Once Doctor Luna completed our first consultation he referred me to my second Dietician, Jaymie Kukowski. I am just home from my initial meeting with Jaymie and I now feel a new empowerment and much increased hope for my future.

Dietician Kukowski made several adjustments to my previous nutritional plan (Renal) and told us to increase our daily exercise to a minimum of one hour. In the past we thought thirty minutes a day was sufficient – we were WRONG! I also have a new glucose testing regimen, that will provide much more helpful information.

If you too are dealing with the special requirements of diabetes, I would love to hear your success stories and learn of any special recipes that you enjoy. Please share in the “comment” area or email me direct. Thanks

I am not treating this subject as “Healing”. I am choosing to keep firmly in my brain the following: “I am an elite athlete, under the supervision of four licensed personal fitness trainers. Everything I do in the future is training to increase my level of fitness”… Please pray for my continued improvement. What the heck. I just started this BLOG and I want it to be a long one.  ;O)